Embedded notes

Quick notes on embedded systems, electronics and CNC

My projects

I am a developer for embedded systems. I work on hardware as well as on low-level software.

My current projects (apart from my one-year old son, which doesn’t leave much time for other things right now):

  • SDuino: Adopting the Arduino environment for the STM8 MCU
  • building a Shapeoko CNC mill
  • UV exposure unit for PCB prototyping (etching mask and solder mask)
  • reflow oven: Control electronics and software
  • SMT pick and place machine: Develop and build, using DC motors from inkjet printers

Available tools:

  • K40 laser cutter
  • Anet A8 3D printer (amazing device, by the way)
  • Small CNC for drilling and engraving PCBs

Projects on hold:

  • Easy workflow for KiCAD to produce ready-to-print pdfs for PCB exposure