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Quick notes on embedded systems, electronics and CNC

  • Compiling GrblControl in a Container

    Compiling GrblControl in a Container

    Using a container for a build environment can help to avoid cluttering up the filesystem of the local machine. This approach can be useful for one-time builds with lots of build dependencies which are not used for any other work.

    Since there is no precompiled 64 bit binary for Candle (formerly known as grblControl) I had to compile it myself. But since I never use the QT libraries otherwise it would pull in more than 600MB of libraries and header files which I would have to clean up afterwards in order to keep my system as lean as possible.

    A perfect opportunity to find out why containers might be useful! I am using podman-rootless, but plain old docker would work exactly the same way. Just replace podman with docker in the following commands.

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  • Installing Onetab in Palemoon

    Installing Onetab in Palemoon

    Onetab 1.9 running with palemoon

    Onetab 1.9 running with palemoon

    The amazing and absolutely essential onetab extension is only available for firefox and chrome, not for the stripped-down firefox version palemoon. But with the help of archive.org and a text editor it is possible to install an older (but fully functional) version. A pre-patched add-on file is included in this posting.

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  • Converting an Existing Linux Installation to UEFI Boot

    Converting an Existing Linux Installation to UEFI Boot

    Due to a hardware failure I had to move my Linux installation to a new Laptop that was configured for UEFI boot instead of the conventional BIOS boot.

    Transfering the partition data from the old to the new laptop is straight forward. The problem is: How to add the existing installation to the UEFI boot menu?

    As it turns out, this task is way easier than expected.

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  • Migrating from avra to avr-as

    assemble avra projects with avr-as

    assemble avra projects with avr-as

    The main advantage of avr-as over avra is the possibility to generate linkable .o object files that can be mixed with C files.

    Unfortunatly, the syntax differs slightly between these two assemblers. And it turns out that the syntax differences are big enough to make the conversion of existing source code a non-trivial task that tends to take way longer than expected.

    To save others some troubles in similar situations, here are my findings about porting the SMC3 project from avra to avr-as/gas.

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  • PXE Booting Puppy Linux

    PXE booting Puppy Linux is actually quite easy if you already have a PXE server up and running. The idea is simple: Add the *.sfs file containing the file system into the initrd and use this for booting.

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  • freetz auf einer Fritzbox 3170 installieren

    Meine aktuelle Fritzbox macht Probleme, deshalb will ich die uralte 3170 zumindest vorübergehend wieder in Betrieb nehmen. Freetz bietet mehr Möglichkeiten als die normale Firmware, also mal ausprobieren. freetz-Image compilieren Es gibt keine fertigen Images, sondern es muss erst selbst aus den svn-Sourcen compiliert werden.

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  • Binaries for plotkicadsch

    Compiling plotkicadsch from source is a little bit complicated. To make your life easier I uploaded my compiled binaries here: for Mint 19/Ubuntu 18.04, 64 bit Unpack the file to a convinient location like /usr/local/bin:

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  • SMD reflow oven: lessons learned

    (Sorry, no english version yet.) Der Ofen funktioniert und tut genau das, was er soll. Gut. Aber der Weg dorthin war länger und umständlicher als er hätte sein müssen. Was ich heute anders machen würde Immer eine eigene Platine Am Ende sehe ich mich wieder bestätigt: Niemals ohne richtige Platine.

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  • SMD reflow oven from the dumpster

    my reflow oven

    A while ago I found a toaster oven in the trash and now I converted it into a reflow oven for soldering of SMD circuit boards.

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  • SMD-Reflow-Ofen vom Sperrmüll

    Mein SMD-reflow-Ofen

    Umbau eines einfachen Mini-Backofens in einen Reflow-Ofen zum Löten von SMD-Platinen.

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