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Binaries for plotkicadsch

Compiling plotkicadsch from source is a little bit complicated. To make your life easier I uploaded my compiled binaries here:

Unpack the file to a convinient location like /usr/local/bin:

sudo tar xvzf plotkicadsch_v0.3.0-21-ga5b939b.tgz -C /usr/local/bin

Now it can be used to compare the current state to the last git version and display the result e.g. with firefox (see project website for more usage information):

plotgitsch -ifirefox

Compiling from source

plotkicadsch by Jean-Noël Avila is an amazing tool to visualize differences on schematics between different versions of a project.

The only problem is that it is written in the pretty exotic language ocaml and that there are no precompiled binaries available. Compiling it from source is well documented on the github page, but it requires a HUGE amount of harddisk space to compile: 1.6 GByte in the home directory plus the ocaml installation.

For compilation you need ocaml, opam, libgmp and rsvg-convert:

sudo apt install opam ocaml libgmp-dev librsvg2-bin

Download and compile as mentioned on the project page. This results in 1.6 GByte (!!!) of data in your home directory in ~/.opam. Luckily, only three files need to be installed permanently:

sudo cp -av ~/.opam/4.06.0/bin/plot*sch git-imgdiff /usr/local/bin/

Cleaning up

As long as you don’t plan on compiling every new version of plotkicadsch as it is published, the compiler installation and all the files in ~/.opam are not needed anymore anymore and can be wiped off the disk:

sudo apt purge opam ocaml libgmp-dev librsvg2-bin
sudo apt autoremove
rm -r ~/.opam

Now the system should be in the same state as before. Docker would the perfect tool to automate this build process, but I didn’t spend enough effort to make that work. Anyone?