Coding style

Development workflow

I recently read this great article about a successful branching model for git and will implement it. Highly recommended!


Every feature branch (or pull request) should include an update for

Code format

When porting an existing Arduino library I try to preserve the original formatting as much as possible to allow for easy comparison to the original state.

There is a development of a C++ capable compiler environment going on. There is no public website for that project yet, but I am in contact with the developer. He is even targeting Sduino for his project and at one point in the (still distant) future we might be able to switch back to the orginal library code again. Preserved code structure would be a big plus then. (But don't hold your breath yet)

Newly written code is mostly formatted using indent according to the linux kernel coding style, using Tabs, Tab width 8, line length 80:

indent -linux