Further reading and application notes

A very good and compact primer on STM8S-Programming. Does not rely on any external libraries.

A series of articles on bare metal programming of the STM8S CPUs. By far the best introduction I found so far. It would have helped me a lot if it would have around at the time when I started this project.

Quick introduction to the makefile on

PM0051: STM8AF Flash programming manual
UM0470: STM8 SWIM protocol and debug manual
AN2658: Using the analog-to-digital converter of the STM8S microcontroller

Many examples and presentations about the STM8S

It contains the SPL examples from ST, one of the most useful resources on the STM8.

Hardware and pinouts of several ST-Link compatible flash tools

Using the ADC by Mark Stevens

Example for RS-232 handling with SPL

AN3139: Migration guideline within the STM8L familiy

None of these projects are related to or part of Sduino. They are written independently, but with a similar goal in mind: To simplify STM8 programming for the beginner.

STM8Sduino: A minimalistic approach to adopt parts of the Arduino-API to the STM8. Based on IAR and COSMIC compiler (Windows only). Port to SDCC shouldn't be too hard but is not done yet. Low overhead, but basic functions only. No support for porting Arduino libraries.

gdb support for the STM8 STM8 toolchain with GDB debugger and SDCC. Use the hardware debugging feature of the STM8 with ST-Link and gdb.

STVD-SDCC integration suite